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CASYMIR is a modern, comprehensive ERP-II solution for production and trading businesses. The solution supports multiple users and has excellent scalability. Its performance becomes more manifest the more users simultaneously work with the system.
CASYMIR has a modular set-up and is assembled following your needs. All modules can be configured and customized to your company's specifics.
The sum of these properties make CASYMIR particularly sustainable.

CASYMIR is a commercial software solution which pays off from the very beginning by quick implementation, low installation and maintenance costs as well as maximum scalability.
Users benefit from independence and flexibility at all levels. Behind the system stands a competent and energetic CASYMIR team which is always available for implementation, advice on business-related and technical questions, training and support.

In addition to its enormous flexibility, CASYMIR offers special support for use in the following sectors:

Domains of application

In summary, CASYMIR provides support for all departments and covers the following domains, among others:
   From customer orders to goods shipping

  From offer requests to supplier evaluation

  From budgeting to cost control

  From product ideas to the commercialization of the final product

  From demand analysis to purchase and production planning

  From time clock to payroll

   From the simple warehouse to high-bay storage

   For make-to-order manufacturers and serial production

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